Benches come in a standard width of 14.5in., and height of 18in. You chose the length! 
Bench pictured is a two-toned, Ebony stained top and white base.

Farmhouse Bench

  • If you are placing an order for a bench to match your table, this is a guide for what size bench to order:

    *If you would like your bench to slide under the table between the legs, your bench size should be 2ft smaller than your overall table length. EX. If you are ordering a 6 Ft. table, you will need a bench 4 FT. long.*If you are wanting a full-length bench and are not wanting to be able to slide the bench under the table at all, you can order whatever size you want to pair with your table. 

    *If I see that you chose the '4 ft. and under option', and you are purchasing it with a 6 ft. table, I will automatically know that you want a bench that will slide under the table, and make it accordingly. You are also more than welcome to make a note at check-out.