Frequently Asked Questions


What is your lead time on orders?


- This varies greatly depending on how booked up I am, obviously- but it usually varies from 10-16 weeks. I will let you know my exact lead time at the time your order is placed, so that you know that ahead of time. Also, absolutely let me know if you have a deadline date for me, if the table is needed for a special/specific occasion. I need to know this at the time the order is placed, or I will not be able to guarantee it being done in time. 


Do you deliver?


- We do! There are a few exceptions though: 1- If you are outside of my delivery range, and 2- If you place a large order with multiple pieces, and it won't all be able fit into my truck, I will ask that you make arrangements for pick up.

- Delivery charge is $75. You are always more than welcome to chose to pick up your order vs. delivery though.


What type of wood do you use?


- I use pine on all of my pieces. The only exception, is if you are ordering an outdoor piece, and prefer me to use cedar. If you do want cedar, there is an up charge for that, but it is just the difference in material cost to me.


What are the table's dimensions?


- The dimensions are completely up to you, every table is custom. I do use a standard width, which is 36", but that can be changed, and the length is whatever you tell me you need it to be. I suggest measuring out your space before you order.


Can chairs be used at the ends of the table?


- Yes, I allow plenty of leg room to put chairs at the heads of the table.


Do I need to seal the table once I receive it?

.- No way! I would never send you a table unfinished! I seal every table in 4 coats of poly. You will never need to re-seal it. It will be water resistant, and protected against pretty much anything other than heat.


What cleaning products are safe on my furniture?

.- While vinegar and warm water are suggested, by professionals, to disinfect/protect the finish- I personally use Clorox wipes and Mrs. Myers and my table finish looks the same as day 1.


Can you make chairs to go with my new set?


- No I cannot. They are just too dang time-consuming and I would have to charge an arm and a leg to justify the time, and I don't want to do that. Most customers either order two benches and go chair-less, or pair it with their own set of chairs. The great thing about these tables is that just about any style of chair can be paired with them. I've had customers use metal chairs, fancy parsons chairs, flea market antique chairs, or craigslist chairs (me!)... and they all look great!


How many people will seat comfortably at my new table?

.- This is a general guide I use: (can vary slightly, depending on the style chair you are using)
   6ft. = 6 people
   7ft. = 6-8 pe0ple
   8ft, = 8-10 people
   9ft. = 10-12 people


Do you make tables with extensions?

.- Not at this time, no.


Can I take a look at your furniture in person?

.-Absolutely! In fact, I encourage it so that I can show off my personal pieces ;) Just get in touch with me and we can schedule a time for you to come take a look.



How do I place an order?

To place an order, add your desired pieces to your cart. At check out, there is a 'NOTE TO SELLER' box, please note the stain and/or paint color you want your piece(s) to be finished in. We use all Minwax Stains and paint colors (available at Lowe's and Home Depot). If you have a custom piece you are interested in, please message us with dimensions and we will get a cutom quote for you. 


If you are needing delivery, we do deliver within 35 miles of us (Alton, IL), for a $75 charge. Please do not choose this option if you are not within our delivery range. You are more than welcome to make arrangements to pick up you order when it is completed, and can do so by emailing us at

We DO NOT offer shipping. 



Here at McNelly Farmhouse Love, we use real, solid pine wood on all of our tables. We do not use veneers, engineered, or plastic wood. It should be known that REAL wood has REAL beautiful and organic characteristics. 


*We hand-select every single board that is put into use on our table tops. Each board has its own natural characteristics; including, but not limited to: SPLITS, KNOTS, WOODGRAIN AND OTHER NATURAL MARKINGS. We embrace all of the wood’s natural characteristics and do not apologize for the wood’s natural flaws, instead we embrace it! :) 


*We prep all of our wood by using Kiln dried boards, tracking moisture content with a moisture reader and milling it ourselves before putting into use by planing, jointing and sanding the surface. 


*We put countless hours and limitless effort into properly prepping and jointing the wood we use, however wood is again a NATURAL material and is constantly moving with temperature and humidity. During changing seasons the wood can contract and expand, causing slight movement and may develop small cracks and cup or bow over time. Again, we believe this only enhances the table’s rustic, and unique character. 


*We do not offer refunds or exchanges if any of these natural occurrences take place.  


*Lastly, every table is stained and sealed in four coats of protective polyurethane. This protects the wood from low heat and liquids. A warm plate or coffee cup will not leave any marks on the table, however you should never place anything directly from the stove or oven on the the bare wood surface. Water marks are basically nonexistent  with properly sealed wood, however always wipe up spills as soon as possible to prevent any damage to the surface.